Landing on a boat

Just one week to the start and finally we are well prepared. Our last training was to hit the float (boat) in Monaco ;-)

Was a special and funny day!!

Thanks to Achensee Schiffahrt for the boat and all the crew to help us.

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Explore the route with a sailplane

I had a really cool experiance with Erich Hinterholzer, the master of sailplanes. 

We startet in St. Johann and had flown the first part of the route. Unbelieveable how fast and with what a glide radior you cross vallys with a sailplane. I enjoyed it so much and looking forward to our next flight. 

Thanks Erich for this amazing day!!!

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Victory at the Dolomiti Superfly

After 2 days of race through the dolomites we managed to reach the goal in Levico in first position. We had 2 days of nice flying conditions. In the end it was a hard race for me and my team. After the start I had to hike up to the takeoff and started as one of the first. The thermal conditions where good and I managed to leave the others behind me. While flying to the diffrent turnpoints I saw unbeliveable landscape. Rolle Pass, Sella Group, Cima Tosa,.. and many more. At least I had to hike through Trento up to the takeoff in Levico. The sun was shining and it felt like 50°C. This was very hard and I was so happy to jump in the lake after this big hike.
This was the final test for X-Alps 2017 and I think we are ready for the race.

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Dolomiti Superfly

From the 28. May to the 3. June we are on our X-Alps pre competition in Italy. The Dolomiti Superfly is the same kind of race like X-Alps, just a little smaller. This is the best way for testing all the gear we are using for X-Alps.
The race is also live and you can follow us at livetrack24 or here.
Stay tuned!!!

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Episode 4 Training - Discovering TP2 Triglav

Last week we discover the route to turnpoint 2 Triglav.

We were very excited of the amazing mountain area in Slovenia. It was the first time for us to be in this location.

On the way to Triglav we checkt some option of the route and found some nice lakes were we stay over night in our Summermobile.

The next day we hiked up to the Turpoint, but the weather was not that good.

After some waiting, I launched and managed to climb.

It was really rough conditions because of some Föhn wind but

I took a nice line and landet in Greifenburg where my supporters picked me up.

So for the first part of the race I am ready, lets see waht the other parts will bring.

Stay tuned ;-)

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