Name:                    Stephan Gruber

Born:                      28.12.1985

Homebase:           Hainzenberg/Zillertal/Tirol

My Job:                  Paraglidingpilot, Designer and Testpilot


My paragliding life:     

I grow up in Zillertal, where I saw paragliders when I was a little child. It was always very exciting to me to watch the guys launching and landing. In 2005 I was working with a friend who was a paragliding pilot and I asked him if I can try this too. This was the beginning of my paragliding life.  2007 I started to compete in the Austrian paragliding league. This was a lot oft fun and I met a lot of funny guys who learn me a lot oft flying and strategy. 2008 we go to Brasil for cross country flying. I was so happy doing this. Nice people,  beautiful country and I flew 306 km. After some good comps in Austria I was qualified for the Paragliding World Cup Tour 2009 and since this time I fly World Cup every year. Now I reach the top of paragliding and I am an athlete of Red Bull X-Alps.


My successes:      X-Alps Finisher 2015

                                Winner Austrian paragliding league 2013

                                3rd Platz Worldcup Mazedonia 2014

                                10th place World Cup Superfinal 2012

                                11th place World Cup China 2010

                                16th place World Cup Brasil 2010

                                Winner of many Ausrtian competitions

                                3 times Tyrolian Champion