Victory at the Dolomiti Superfly

After 2 days of race through the dolomites we managed to reach the goal in Levico in first position. We had 2 days of nice flying conditions. In the end it was a hard race for me and my team. After the start I had to hike up to the takeoff and started as one of the first. The thermal conditions where good and I managed to leave the others behind me. While flying to the diffrent turnpoints I saw unbeliveable landscape. Rolle Pass, Sella Group, Cima Tosa,.. and many more. At least I had to hike through Trento up to the takeoff in Levico. The sun was shining and it felt like 50°C. This was very hard and I was so happy to jump in the lake after this big hike.
This was the final test for X-Alps 2017 and I think we are ready for the race.

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